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Hagia Sophia Cat

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We were privileged to meet the famous “Hagia Sophia Cat.”Admired by many, petted by leaders of nations, and the subject of numerous blogs and articles (see the links for examples)


I have to confess that the cat was truly unimpressed by our presence. I suppose a cat living in such a historical place, visiting with Presidents considers himself royalty and ┬áhas no time for socializing with commoners such as Kati and me….oh well.

I'm not impressed by you!
I’m not impressed by you!

At least we still have our loyal “ninja” at home in Texas.

Our loyal cat
Our loyal cat


Embry Riddle University Visit

Tina, Annie and I visited my alma mater, Embry Riddle University (class of 88) and I’m extremely impressed with how the school has prospered; the campus almost unrecognizable from when I attended. One of the few remaining structures (that will be torn down shortly) is the old “motel” building which were the only dorm rooms […]

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Herb Kelleher on CNBC

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