Chandler Titus Remembered

Anyone who took Aviation Maintenance courses at Embry Riddle from 1953 -2006  will certainly remember the wisdom and guidance of “Mr Titus”. Even though Mr. Titus passed away in 2010 he is still fondly remembered by his students.

The current Embry Riddle Alumni magazine “Lift” has nice article about the FAA certificated repair station that Mr. Titus founded and many alumni worked in while finishing our education at Embry Riddle. The repair station is still going strong to this day working on the engines that power the University’s aircraft.

(Rep)air Worthy


Embry Riddle University Visit

Tina, Annie and I visited my alma mater, Embry Riddle University (class of 88) and I’m extremely impressed with how the school has prospered; the campus almost unrecognizable from when I attended. One of the few remaining structures (that will be torn down shortly) is the old “motel” building which were the only dorm rooms when I attended and they were old back then.

Anne is interested in pursuing a degree in Human Factors Psychology and we were invited by the Volleyball coach who is interested in Annie possibly joining the team.

We were very impressed  with  the University’s sports facilities now that they are a NCAA division 2 school.

The "Motel" Embry Riddle University
The “Motel” Embry Riddle University



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Herb Kelleher on CNBC

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